The Enterprise Console has a tab-like interface. Using the tabs you can navigate through various pages with information about your monitored objects, such as your network status and monitoring results, for example, as well as access maps, reports, tickets and settings.

Enterprise Console Menu Tabs Bar

Enterprise Console Menu Tabs Bar

There is documentation available for the following tabs:

Tickets Menu Tab

icon-i-blueFor technical reasons, this function is available for one server at a time only. If you have configured more than one PRTG core server, choose one server from the server list in the upper right corner.

On the Tickets tab you can view all tickets on the currently selected PRTG core server.

icon-i-blueYou can only display tickets from one server at the same time, not from all PRTG servers.

In the header bar of the tickets list, you can choose several filters to find and display certain tickets: by status, type, concerned user or user group, related monitoring objects, and last edit. Click the X symbol to undo the date selection.

Double-click an entry in the tickets list to open a ticket in a new window and to conduct ticket related actions (edit, assign, resolve, close, or reopen). You can also multi-edit tickets via the context menu: mark several tickets by holding Ctrl or Shift and clicking on the corresponding tickets. Right-click a ticket to open the context menu.

The following actions are available: Open Ticket, Edit Ticket, Assign Ticket, Resolve Ticket, Reopen Ticket, Close Ticket, Priority/Favorite, Open in Web Browser.

The list can show up to one hundred entries at a time. Use the arrow symbols above the list to show other items. You can jump to the beginning of the list, or browse through it hundred by hundred. If the list has more than one entry, you can also sort the items by the contents of a certain column. To sort, simply click the header of the column you want to sort by once or twice.

Tickets Menu Tab—Open Ticket

To open a new ticket, click Open Ticket in the upper right corner or in the context menu. Select a related object, click Continue, and provide Subject, Assigned to, Priority, and Comments. Once finished, click Save to create the ticket.

Open Ticket Dialog in PRTG Enterprise Console

Open Ticket Dialog in PRTG Enterprise Console

icon-book-arrowsFor details about working with the PRTG ticket system, see section Tickets for the PRTG web interface.


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