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The PRTG Administration Tool is part of your PRTG installation and helps you edit administrative settings of your local probe and your remote probe installations.

You can launch the PRTG Administration Tool from the Windows start menu, on your core server, or on your remote probe server. If you start the PRTG Administration Tool on the PRTG core server, you can change settings that affect your whole PRTG installation and your local probe. If you run the PRTG Administration Tool on a system on which a remote probe runs, you can only change settings that are related to this probe.

All settings that you change will require a restart of the affected PRTG Windows services to apply any changes on the configuration. Please see the following sections for details.

icon-i-roundYou can also change many administrative settings via the Setup in the PRTG web interface. For probes, settings are also available on the corresponding tab in the web interface.

icon-i-roundYou can review the history of all changes to the settings of the PRTG Administration Tool in the Logs (Debug) directory. The name of the corresponding logfile is PRTG Administration Tool Changelog.log. For information on how to find the folder used for storage, please see section Data Storage.


Video Tutorial: The PRTG Administration Tool

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