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For some sensors (for example, some HTTP sensors and email sensors), you can use regular expressions to match a search pattern. PRTG suppors PCRE-RegEx. See below for examples with the most common patterns.

Common Search Patterns

Find matches containing the word error or alarm:



Find matches containing the words error and alarm in any order:



Find matches containing all of the words tree, flower, leaf, and bug, in any order:


icon-i-round-redIt is not possible to match an empty string using the PRTG regex search with sensors.


The search pattern


will match the following expressions:

  • alarm error
  • error alarm
  • I am an error and I evoke an alarm
  • I am an alarm and I indicate an error
  • An alarm combined with an error indeed!
  • An error combined with an alarm, too!


Regex Tester: Test Regular expressions interactively

Wikipedia: Regular expression


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