While a sensor is paused, it will not collect any monitoring data, will not change its status, and will not trigger any notifications. You can pause monitoring for every object by selecting Pause from the context menu of a probe, a group, a device, or a sensor. All sensors on this object will then be paused. You can choose Pause Indefinitely, or select a time after which monitoring will resume automatically, such as 5 or 15 minutes, 1 or 3 hours, 1 day, or Until a certain date. You can also set up a one-time maintenance window to pause sensors automatically at a specified time.

icon-i-roundWhen selecting the Pause symbol from an object's hover popup or while using multi-edit, the object(s) will be paused indefinitely until resumed.

When selecting a pause option, you are prompted to enter a message. This will be shown in the status message of the object as long as it is paused. Confirm with OK to pause the object or click Cancel to not pause it.

PRTG Pause Message Prompt

PRTG Pause Message Prompt

icon-i-roundMonitoring for objects can also be paused by applying a schedule (see Account Settings—Schedules) in the Object Settings. If you pause a master object by schedule or manually, you do not trigger a status change by dependency.

Inheritance and Resume

If you pause monitoring for an object in the device tree, all child objects underneath will be paused as well. For example, when pausing a group, all sensors on all devices in it will also be paused. Once an object is paused, you can resume monitoring any time by selecting Resume from the context menu. However, you cannot resume monitoring for single child objects that are paused by a parent object, only for the object you originally set to pause.

icon-i-roundAlso after a restart of PRTG, a pause status will be kept.


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