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To open the account settings of the currently logged in user, select Setup | Account Settings from the main menu. Select the various tabs to change the different settings.

Account Settings Tabs

Account Settings Tabs

You can define the following aspects of your account settings:

In the notification contacts settings you can define and change notification contacts for the currently logged in PRTG user. Notifications contacts contain information about how and where to PRTG will send you notifications. They are unique for each user account. Recipients of notifications can be email addresses, phone numbers (PRTG on premises only), and push devices (these are Android or iOS devices with the corresponding PRTG app). This way, every user with a PRTG installation can individually define how and where to receive messages from PRTG.

When you set up one of the notification methods Send Email, Send SMS/Pager Message, or Send Push Notification, you can choose a PRTG user to send a notifications to all active notification contacts of this user. If you select a user group, PRTG sends the notification to all contacts of all users that this group contains. A user can also pause one or more of the contacts to temporarily not receive any messages with this recipient.

icon-prtg-on-premisesIf you use PRTG on premises and open the system administration page from another administration page, PRTG will ask you to enter your credentials again for security reasons if 15 minutes (900 seconds) have passed since your last credential-based login. A dialog box will appear. Enter your Login Name and Password for PRTG in the corresponding fields and confirm to continue.


This section describes one of four steps to set up the notification system in PRTG. A complete notification setup involves:

  1. Checking and setting up the Notification Delivery settings. This tells PRTG how and where to send messages.
    For detailed information, see System Administration—Notification Delivery.
  2. Checking and setting up Notification Contacts for the users of your PRTG installation. This defines where to send notifications.
    For detailed information, see Account Settings—Notification Contacts.
  3. Checking and setting up Notifications. This defines the kind of message and its content.
    For detailed information, see Account Settings—Notifications.
  4. Checking and setting up Notification Triggers for objects. This provokes the defined notifications.
    For detailed information, see Sensor Notifications Settings.

icon-i-roundWe recommend that you always set up at least two notifications with different delivery methods for a notification trigger, for example, one email notification and one SMS notification. If delivery via email fails (due to an email server failure or other reasons), PRTG can still notify you via your smartphone. Simply set your latency setting to a state trigger and a notification via a delivery method other than the one for the first trigger. Or set up a second trigger with another notification for the corresponding object.

icon-book-arrowsFor background information, please see the Notifications section.

Notification Contacts Overview

Click on the Notification Contacts tab to show a list of all existing notification contacts of the currently logged in PRTG user. Using the buttons in the particular contact rows, you can do the following:

  • Pause: Pause this notification contact. If a notification contact is paused, PRTG does not send any messages to this contact when a notification for this user is triggered.
  • Edit: Open the settings of this notification contact and change its description and recipient.
    icon-i-roundThis is not possible for predefined notification contacts, for example, the primary email address. You can change the primary email address under Account Settings—My Account.
  • Delete: Delete this notification contact.
    icon-i-roundThis is not possible for predefined notification contacts, for example, the primary email address.

Notification Contacts Settings

Click Add Email Contact button or Add SMS Contact button (PRTG on premises only) to add a new notification contact, or click the Edit button of an existing notification contact to edit it. A dialog box appears where you can enter the contact settings.

icon-i-roundPRTG adds push contacts automatically for the corresponding user when you install a PRTG mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, connect to the PRTG server, and activate push notifications. You cannot add push contacts manually. If your mobile device rejects push notifications actively for an existing push contact, for example, because you deactivated push on the target device or reset it, the PRTG server will pause this contact automatically. The affected PRTG user account will receive a ToDo ticket in this case.

Add New / Edit Notification Contact


Enter a meaningful name for the notification contact, for example, SMS to Admin Mobile or similar.


Enter a valid email address for the contact type Email. On PRTG on premises instances you can add an SMS contact by entering a valid phone number. The format of the phone number depends on the SMS provider. Usually, you use a plus sign "+", followed by country code and number. For example, enter +1555012345

icon-i-roundEnsure the number format meets the requirements of your SMS provider or the hardware that you use in combination with an API call. Sometimes a preceded plus sign is not required. A wrong format may result in undelivered messages!

icon-book-bulbFor the contact type Push, this field shows a unique token that you cannot change here. This token is needed to send push notifications through the cloud. For details, see this Knowledge Base article: How can I use push notifications with PRTG?

Contact Type

Shows the type of contact, either Email, SMS (PRTG on premises only), or Push. This setting is shown for your information only and cannot be changed here.

If you want to use another contact type, create a new contact with Add Email Contact or Add SMS Contact (PRTG on premises only), or activate push notifications in your PRTG for iOS or Android app.

Click the Save or Add button to save your settings, or click Cancel to close the dialog box without changes to your configuration.

A cloud contact is added automatically when you install the PRTG app on your smartphone, connect to the PRTG server, and enable push notifications.


Knowledge Base: How can I use push notifications with PRTG?



There are some settings that you must make in the PRTG Administration Tool, available as native Windows application. For more details, please see the sections: