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This chapter lists all available sensors, arranged both by different categories and in alphabetical order.

icon-i-roundIn the Add a Sensor assistant, PRTG offers you various options to easily filter for fitting sensor types.

Common Sensors

Bandwidth Monitoring Sensors

Web Servers (HTTP) Sensors

SNMP Sensors

Windows WMI/Performance Counters Sensors

Linux/Unix/OS X Sensors

Virtual Servers Sensors

Mail Servers Sensors

Database Servers Sensors

Storage and File Servers Sensors

Various Servers Sensors

VoIP and QoS Sensors

Hardware Parameter Sensors

Cloud Services Sensors

Custom Sensors

PRTG Internal Sensors

All Sensors in Alphabetical Order

The version numbers show when the respective sensor type was originally introduced to PRTG.

Script World Sensors

In addition to the built-in sensors, you can create your own sensors. Just write a script or a program and use it with a custom sensor. There are already many free, useful scripts, plugins, and add-ons for PRTG in the PRTG Script World.You can directly open the Script World from the Add Sensor dialog in the PRTG web interface.

  • Active Fileshare Sessions
  • Active Lync Users, Inbound/Outbound Calls
  • Active Windows Users
  • AD Group Membership
  • Advanced Exchange Server Metrics
  • AllNet UPS
  • Altaro Hyper-V Backup Monitoring
  • Amazon AWS Costs
  • APC Battery Replacement
  • Atlantis ILIO
  • Citrix Environments
  • DICOM and HL7
  • Dynamic Windows Processes
  • Exim Queue Length
  • Find Groups and Devices with Auto-Discovery Enabled
  • Google Search Appliance
  • Historic Windows Events
  • HP ProCurve Switch Version and Model
  • HTTP Return Codes
  • Linux Services
  • Locked AD Users
  • Microsoft Active Cluster Nodes
  • Monitoring Automatic Services
  • Monitor BGP Peer Status
  • Monitor Users Logged in to PRTG
  • Monitor Website Login
  • Monitoring Linux Distributions Incompatible with the SSH Disk Free Sensor
  • Monitoring the IP Addresses of Hops
  • MySQL Replication
  • MySQL Table Fragmentation
  • RabbitMQ Queues & Exchanges
  • SAP Database Monitoring
  • SCVMM - Hyper-V and Virtual Machines
  • TXT DNS Records Monitoring
  • Veeam Backup and Replication
  • Windows Registry Value

icon-book-bulbPlease go to https://www.paessler.com/script-world and follow the instructions there to use these sensors.


icon-book-arrowsNot find what you were looking for? Have a look at the Additional Sensor Types (Custom Sensors) section.


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